International Yoga Teachers

  • “Rachel has brought a ray of light into our yoga teacher trainings in Bali, inspiring, entertaining, and motivating students to explore and learn through her engaging teaching style. She has managed to do what few can—take a subject that is technical and academic in many respects and make it relatable, interactive…and fun!”

    Co-Founder, School of Sacred Arts • E-RYT 200, RYT 500

  • “Rachel has been leading the anatomy portions of my teacher trainings for a few years now in Bali, Seattle and Melbourne. Time and time again students provide feedback that states how clearly Rachel is able to provide a lot of information in a very clear way that is understandable, relatable and memorable so that they can then apply the teaching in their own practice and in the classes that they teach. Rachel’s personal rapport with people makes it incredibly easy to break down the barriers of resistance that students can sometimes have when it comes to subject matter that they consider challenging, such as anatomy. Her own passion for what she is teaching is what makes people want to listen to what she has to say. That’s a great teacher. ”

    International Yoga Teacher • E-RYT 500

200 Hour Teacher Training Testimonials

  • “Thank you for sharing the knowledge about anatomy, really wish to have more time to explore more about our bodies. It's fascinating how our bodies are built differently and experiencing each muscles as we make each movement, one yoga asana can give different experiences in our bodies just by moving a muscle/slightly shifting the focus point in our bodies. Look forward to attend your class again in the future!! Thanking you in compassion”

    Tanya Caps Yoga Teacher Training 2015

  • “You are a badass anatomy teacher! Loved your casual yet profoundly knowledgeable approach to the classes. You shared a knitty gritty subject with so much fun and motivation, kept us inspired whilst teaching us a great foundation of anatomy. The practical and hands-on activities were great! Really valuable to apply in class/ to clients this way. And OMG, your outfits just made my day! Much love”

    Radiantly Alive 2017

  • “I am a practising massage therapist and yoga teacher, I met Rachel in 2014 during a yoga teacher training in Bali, she was teaching the A&P section of the course. I am deeply grateful for her luminous and engaging approach, I could have listened to her for hours! Rachel is fun and knows her stuff! I immediately booked an Osteo session with Rachel. I have been to many therapists over the years trying to solve my hip problem. I walked away from an incredible, wholistic bodywork session, empowered with new knowledge about my body alignment. Rachel’s advise was sincere and compassionate, and she generously kept in contact via email to support me in my healing. Since then I have got a clear diagnosis from an MRI, I approach yoga in a different way and manage my injury (labral hip tear) so that it is essentially pain- free. Rachel encouraged me to take a journey of mind, body and spirit and find my own way, which has been life-changing. ”

    (Denmark) Western Australia 2015

  • “Studying anatomy during our 200hr TT with Rachel was an experience of a life time - not only because of her absolutely loveable personality but also because one can truly feel how passionate and incredibly knowledgeable she is in her field. through her way to deliver, even the “driest” anatomical topic becomes interesting and fascinating because she teaches with such charm, such ease and her great sense of humour. I can not imagine a better anatomy teacher than her and I am most certainly going to do another separate anatomy & physiology course with her in the near future. Warmly”

    Radiantly Alive YTT 2017

  • “Rachel’s knowledge about physiology and anatomy is vast. She makes learning anatomy fun and effective by getting us to jump up and create a breathing diaphragm with bedsheets and arms! She has an infectious smile and makes her classes interactive, memorable and super informative! There’s lots to learn in the subject of anatomy, especially if it’s been a while since school biology, and Rachel is great at engaging and motivating us, even after the post lunch slump! She knows how to keep our minds focused, especially by introducing the rather dashing Charlie (the skeleton) and Mr Dick (the muscular system diagram!) Health & Happiness”

    Radiantly Alive 2017

  • “Before taking this training I knew nothing about anatomy. I have always been interested in learning about how our bodies work, to understand how I can use the knowledge in my every day life. It seems daunting and only a topic for physicians and physiotherapists. Thank you for proving me wrong! I really appreciated the ease of your teaching, the way you made it accessible and integrated the learnings by letting us explore what we learn in our own bodies.”

    Emily Kuser 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training July 2017

  • “Thank you for sharing your time with us, your deep knowledge, your passion and great humor. It was really inspiring to learn from you, it has awakened my interest to anatomy and the human body making me realize how perfect and complex our body is. Your class has made me for the respect my body and try to understand it deeper, being glad for all the complex actions it allows me to perform. Anatomy always sounded like a boring subject to me and you were able to make it interesting, fun and beautiful! Thank you. I admire your passion which we can feel it while you teach.”

    Emily Kuser 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training July 2017

  • “Thank you so much for taking the time to teach us about what you are so passionate about. You are an amazing teacher, your fun, you capture us, you understand how to bring this topic closer to us. I have learned so much from here within the 10 hours. I personally want to thank U for making me aware of my posture and my funny way of standing, walking and how that has impacted my back. It's been a revolution for me. I went to many doctors, or did you pass etc. over the years and you are the only one who told me I need to look at my feet! It's life-changing for me. Again thanks for your passion, your patience, your love for us. ”

    Emily Kuser 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training July 2017

  • “You were one of the huge contribution to my eyes openning during the training. As a physiotherapist I used to love my studies and found everything in human body so exciting while studying at University but after years of practice (recon its around 10 now) I felt like I lost the passion for my job. And seeing you with your amazing and funny presentation of anatomy and your great passion for osteopathy work I was asking myself where on my journey I lost all this and how can I bring it back...thank you for showing me how to approach my patients and how to see all the problems in holistic way not only in terms of muscles, joints and bones but also in the whole body, soul and mind way. I adored your lessons and you helped me with my own hip issues very much too. Thank you again and wish you all the best.”

    Les Leventhal Yoga Student 2015

  • “Rachel Ellery is a master at her work!  Rachel gave an all day lesson on anatomy during my Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali.  I gained an incredible amount of valuable information that I will be able to integrate into my own teachings that will provide and safe and effective class for students.  Rachel's teachings are transformative; teachings on how daily tasks effect your anatomy,  receive active hands on teachings, gain direct experiences, understand how all bodies are different, how to spot bad alignment, how to adjust in a safe way and many other life altering information.  Rachel gives knowledge that gives you the opportunity to integrate into your own life, teachings, and experiences. If you a ready for your transformation meet with Rachel Ellery and expand your mind~  Namaste”

    Tanya Caps Yoga Teacher Training 2015

300 Hour Teacher Training Testimonials

Pilates • Osteo • Anatomy

  • “We are so blessed to have Rachel servicing our community here in Ubud. Rarely you will find an Osteopath who is also movement trained and passionate about combining Osteopathy and movement healing. I have learned A LOT from Rachel over the years cross referring our clients. Thank you Rachel and I look forward to much more collaboration in the future! ”

    Owner of Movement Matters, Ubud BALI

  • “For approximately 6 years I had the good fortune to benefit from Rachel’s amazing skills on three fronts, as an Osteopath, Pilates Teacher and Anatomy Tutor. Then 61 years and with a very tight and sore body, I have  mildly Scoliotic spine, I first saw Rachel as an Osteopath. This work greatly assisted my eventual body unwind as did joining with her weekly Pilates Reformers classes, an extension to my existing Polestar Pilates Mat classes. I then decided to become a Polestar Pilates Mat teacher, so valuable has this work been to my body, and undertook some amazingly informative Anatomy lessons with Rachel.  Rachel your clarity of instruction in particular with anatomy stays with me to this day, thank you. Love ”

    Muriwai, New Zealand

Osteopathy Student

  • “Rachel is one of the people in my life that made a huge difference both as a student and as a practitioner. Her strict and concise demand for detail in verbal communication pushed me to know my anatomy and technical practice with confidence. Amazing teacher with a nack for explaining so we get it. Rachel is funny, direct, super smart and an all round wonderful woman. I am gratetful to have worked and studied with her.”

    Osteopathy Student NZ

  • “Rachel taught me during my osteopathic studies, in New Zealand. Rachel is a wealth of knowledge and a great teacher. What I got the most out of Rachel's teaching was the 'applied, functional anatomy' that you simply can not get from a textbook. She would help me understand how the anatomy all comes together in the function and movement of the body. She was motivational and fun to be around. I would highly recommend any course taught by her and would love to attend myself as you never stop learning.”

    Osteopathy Student New Zealand


  • “I was really happy to experience that Rachel really listened to my story and combined her knowledge of the body and the soul to analyze what was going on with me. She discovered the cause of my problem very quick. The pain I felt in my upper back had to do with very tight muscles in between my lower ribs. Incredible! I never thought of that spot and even less about the fact that this had something to do with the way I was breathing. The cool thing about how Rachel works is that she makes you aware on how your body reacts while taking on different postures. She also shows you how certain parts of your body differ from each other. Instead of telling what is different or wrong in your body, she asked me to describe what I felt in my body. And instead of writing down some exercises on a piece of paper, she showed them. It felt like she gave me the key to change my posture and movements in yoga but also in daily life. After every session I was, in opposite of seeing a physiotherapist, very motivated to go to yoga classes and use all the information I gathered from Rachel into my practice. I never experienced such a great progression. I released stressed areas in my body and was getting more enthusiastic by the day doing my yoga and seeing amazing results. After three sessions with Rachel I went to an advanced Vinyasa class I was avoiding before. I put down my mat right beside the mirror and while the sweat was dripping off my face I proudly smiled to myself knowing that my body is too young and too strong to move like a granny. I really hope that everybody can grow as much as I did through the knowledge and practice of Rachel’s therapy. For me she’s not only an amazing osteopath, but also a great woman. ”

    Yoga Student

  • “Rachel was highly recommended to me in Ubud, Bali a few years ago and I was so glad to visit her for an osteopathic treatment. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis and Osteoporosis with a lot of joint fusion and ongoing systemic inflammation, so I have had loads of treatments in the past decades. Rachel stands out to me as one of the greatest body practitioners I have ever met! She is a master in her field and a wonderful human being to encounter. It is rare to find someone so extensively experienced and still so freshly passionate and caring about their patients. Rachel knows her way around anatomy and all its complex interrelations in a very fine tuned way and listens to the body so well. I have had a number of treatments and some significant shifts and ongoing improvements from her sessions. Rachel educates as she treats, if you are interested, and is positive and ever curious about healing and recovery. What stands out to me, aside from her vast experience, committed ongoing self-education and serious skills, is her personality. Rachel is willing to serve the body and its best form of freedom and expression, and the passion she has for health is genuine and boundless in energy. When I am in a treatment I feel genuine care and I have felt Rachel’s support extend beyond the bounds of a session over and over again. I am grateful for the generosity of Rachel’s energy in each session I have been to and have benefitted greatly from meeting her. She has empowered me in my ability to feel better and take better care of myself outside of treatments, and I have felt confident that someone is there to support me skillfully if things go awry. I frequently recommend Rachel to those with complex physical issues or needing a release, and I will continue to do so. Rachel is a master at what she does and I could not recommend her more highly.”

    Melbourne Australia 2015

  • “I basically felt like a brand new human. Ha! The day after I was a little sore but could sit in meditation without any pain in my shoulder and neck. Everything seemed clearer, breath, metal perception etc. I also noticed after the cupping around my scar I had more awareness of that area. Slowly over the course of the next week my shoulder and neck tension start to creep back in but even now It is way better than it was before (I have also been rolling on the yoga balls more) Needless to to THANK YOU so much. Emily Hill, Seattle 2016 I met Rachel Ellery about 10 years ago after requiring osteopathic treatment for an injured back. Rachel is not only a talented osteopath but she is dedicated and caring, providing support and management of the injury to enable day to day life to continue. Rachel's expertise also extends to her knowledge of pilates and yoga which I enjoyed in weekly exercise classes (having an understanding of your injuries, enabled her to make sure that the exercise fitted the form). I can’t recommend Rachel highly enough - she is not incredibly talented, but has a wonderful sense of humour, and is fortunate to have been gifted with an understanding of the human body and how best to treat it. ”

    New Zealand

  • “I met Rachel some 15 years ago in Auckland when I was given her name by a friend as an outstanding Osteopath. I had been in considerable pain with my back over a number of years, from time to time, and had reached a point n my 40's where I needed to have a "maintenance check" approximately every 2 months. She was my "go to" person for a number of years, and we became firm friends through our professional meetings. My background had been in teaching Physical Education, with show jumping (many falls), gymnastics (vaulting and again falls), dance, tennis, squash and many other sports which had given rise to falls and bones broken over the years. I went to see Rachel who was superb at Osteopathy and I have not been able to find a replacement therapist since I left New Zealand for my native Ireland some six years ago. In fact, I had a very bad fall in January 2015 and contacted her by email for some guidance for treatment - as usual, Rachel responded and helped me via a Skype call. I have no hesitation in recommending Rachel as an excellent Osteopath, wonderful person, theapist and dear friend.”

    New Zealand / Ireland 2015

  • “I first met Rachel Ellery as an osteo patient in Bali about 18 months ago and we’ve since become friends. I’m very impressed with her down-to-earth approach and intuitive ability to deal with any of the issues I’ve brought to her door. I love that she also has given me self-help exercise and tools that I have been able to use at home to empower me in my own healing and make me more aware of my body/posture. Rachel also makes any “adjustments" far more comfortable than other osteopaths I have been to, and now with the inclusion of sound healing in her practice, she offers a very unique and cutting-edge approach. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a sensitive and comprehensive treatment from a brilliant health professional. Thank you Rachel for all your kind attention to my body. So appreciated! ”

    Ostheo Patient 2014