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Educating and moving the world in anatomy one body at a time.

Elevate your comprehension of the workings and movements of the human body




Learn from scratch, improve your poses, or become a master.

200 Hour Teacher Training Testimonials


"Thank you for sharing the knowledge about anatomy, really wish to have more time to explore more about our bodies. It's fascinating how our bodies are built differently and experiencing each muscles as we make each movement, one yoga asana can give different experiences in our bodies just by moving a muscle/slightly shifting the focus point in our bodies. Look forward to attend your class again in the future!"

~ Tika D.

Tanya Caps Yoga Teacher Training 2015

"You are a badass anatomy teacher! Loved your casual yet profoundly knowledgeable approach to the classes.
You shared a nitty gritty subject with so much fun and motivation, kept us inspired whilst teaching us a great foundation of anatomy. The practical and hands-on activities were great! Really valuable to apply in class/ to clients this way. And OMG, your outfits just made my day!
Much love"
~ Vanessa Eichorn

Radiantly Alive 2017

300 Hour Teacher Training Testimonials


Pilates • Osteo • Anatomy Testimonials

"We are so blessed to have Rachel servicing our community here in Ubud. Rarely you will find an Osteopath who is also movement trained and passionate about combining Osteopathy and movement healing. I have learned A LOT from Rachel over the years cross referring our clients. Thank you Rachel and I look forward to much more collaboration in the future! ”

~ Sook Fun • Owner of Movement Matters, Ubud BALI

"For approximately 6 years I had the good fortune to benefit from Rachel’s amazing skills on three fronts, as an Osteopath, Pilates Teacher and Anatomy Tutor.
Then 61 years and with a very tight and sore body, I have  mildly Scoliotic spine, I first saw Rachel as an Osteopath.... so valuable has this work been to my body, and undertook some amazingly informative Anatomy lessons with Rachel. "

~ Gaylene
Muriwai, New Zealand

Osteopathy Treatment Testimonials


Osteopathy Students

"Rachel is one of the people in my life that made a huge difference both as a student and as a practitioner. Her strict and concise demand for detail in verbal communication pushed me to know my anatomy and technical practice with confidence. Amazing teacher with a nack for explaining so we get it. Rachel is funny, direct, super smart and an all round wonderful woman. I am grateful to have worked and studied with her."

~ Isaac James
New Zealand

"Rachel taught me during my osteopathic studies, in New Zealand. Rachel is a wealth of knowledge and a great teacher. What I got the most out of Rachel's teaching was the 'applied, functional anatomy' that you simply can not get from a textbook. She would help me understand how the anatomy all comes together in the function and movement of the body. She was motivational and fun to be around. I would highly recommend any course taught by her and would love to attend myself as you never stop learning."

~ Sarah
New Zealand


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