Anatomy In-Person Workshops and Online Course Guidance • Bespoke Workshop

Anatomy In-Person Workshops can vary depending your needs.

The aim of this workshops is to facilitate the understanding of the structure and function of the anatomical form for all various body workers and movement teachers.

This will enable functional anatomy to become a practical and useful tool to read the body and help develop your intention and intuition as a practitioner/teacher.

  • This workshops are designed to take your movement practice and bodywork to the next level. The functional anatomy you learn will give you greater understanding of how the body functions.
  • You will observe, examine and be able to understand imbalances in the body.
  • You will become a more knowledge and effective yoga teacher and your personal practice will deepen.
  • You will gain a deeper sense of touch and what you're touching, making you a more powerful healer.

Would you like to host a  functional anatomy workshop at your studio?

Your students will be taught by experienced clinical osteopaths and movement teachers with 20 years of teaching internationally. The class will be unique, fun, interactive and educational looking deeper in the human anatomy of movement.

The workshop can be adjusted according to your particular needs depending on the length of workshop and depth of anatomical knowledge required.



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