Anatomy Education
300 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings

The 300 hour anatomy component will revise, review, refresh and expand on the anatomy content of the 200 hour yoga teacher training. Using more interactive and embedding exercise we will appreciate the importance of anatomy and alignment.

300 hour students will explore the evolution of the human body into 13 interconnected systems, study the structure and functions of these 13 systems and how yoga can influence these systems.

Anatomy of the breathe: we will meet Don the diaphragm to appreciate the circular attachments and see how the diaphragm moves during inhalation and exhalation. With the use of Don we can appreciate how different postures can effect the structure and therefore the function. We learn about other muscles of respiration, their actions and how they effect the expansion of the thoracic cage therefore altering the pressures of the thoracic and abdominal cavities. Anatomical language of the body and movement. Starting with the anatomical position and 3 axis and 5 movements developing into anatomical descriptions of the body and movement, including examples of asana in each plane movement.

We journey through the structure and function of the skeleton, Charlie. Incorporating the axis of movements we can now understand the movement that occurs at different synovial joints. By appreciating the structure of 6 types of synovial joints, we can start to appreciate the functional anatomy of each joint; as well as learning the functions we can also look at how dysfunction of those joints can occur... assessing alignment of the joints and body.

Appreciating 3 different kinds of muscular contractions we can start to understand how muscles work and influence how we practise yoga asana. The muscular system can be rather overwhelming to learn so I've kept it simple reviewing Thomas Myers' education "Myo-fascial trains", with his view of muscular signs and relating it back to the classification of asana.

We will explore common dysfunctions of the spine, the upper extremity and lower extremity. This allows us to understand the structural changes therefore the dysfunctions that can occur. We learn about specific movements patterns of the dysfunctional area and how compensatory patterns can cause further problems on the body.

Would you like to book The Anatomy School for your next 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

Your students will be taught by experienced clinical osteopaths and movement teachers with 15 years of teaching internationally. The class will be unique, fun, interactive and educational looking deeper in the human anatomy of movement.

The program can be adjusted according to your particular needs depending on the length of workshop and depth of anatomical knowledge required.



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