Anatomy Education
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings

Yoga alliance new standards (FEB 2020) for anatomy physiology and biomechanics are 30 hours. 20 hours can be completed with The Anatomy School Online Education online.

We start at the beginning of life, the journey of a sperm fertilising an egg and how these 2 structures evolve into a human being with many interconnecting 13 sub-systems. The first thing we do when we come into this world is to breathe. We learn about the structure of the diaphragm how it functions, how it integrates with the pelvic floor and the core cylinder. We discuss the importance of the conscious breath in life in yoga and how it influences many of the other systems in the body.

We integrate the language of anatomy and understand the anatomical directions and movements. Embodying these functional movements enables us to understand what movements occur during the transitions between yoga asanas. During the class we start to wonder what is the purpose of this yoga pose?

Exploring the skeletal system, feeling where the bones are and how two bones come together to make a joint. This leads us to understanding the structure and function of a synovial joint. incorporating the anatomical language, directions and movements to each of the six synovial joints we can have a clear understanding of how each joint moves.

So what moves joints? The muscular system

There are 640 muscles in the body and we start to learn how some of these muscles function and how they can benefit us practicing yoga. Stretching, contracting, lengthening and shortening. We overview the amazing work of Tom Myers, Anatomy Trains and link how these myofascial trains lengthened and shorten in varying yoga asana.

Would you like to book The Anatomy School for your next 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

Your students will be taught by experienced clinical osteopaths and movement teachers with 15 years of teaching internationally. The class will be unique, fun, interactive and educational looking deeper in the human anatomy of movement.

The program can be adjusted according to your particular needs depending on the length of workshop and depth of anatomical knowledge required.



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