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The Anatomy School Online Education Part 2 • 30 Hour Self-Paced

🔥 The Anatomy School is birthing a new online holistic anatomy education including regional anatomy, functional anatomy & dysfunctions

🔥 This fun, interactive and diverse education will include many self directed videos.

🔥 Each module has specific regional embodiment exercises so you can include new exercises to your class and increase your confidence.

🔥 This course is for ALL MOVEMENT TEACHERS & students that want to take a deeper dive into understanding of how our body functions at a more intimate level.

Course Details:

  • Journey into the depth of the unique structural specialisation joint by joint. You will visualize & understand the dysfunctions of each region and appreciate why vulnerabilities that can occur ☠️
  •  Increase your awareness of appreciating our individual uniqueness of skeleton variations and body proportions.
  • Learn observation skills, the importance of touch, weaving in energetics, exploring cuing and rehabilitation exercises.

What's Included:

  • In depth Introduction including revision, revising and refreshing your prior knowledge to prepare you diving into this amazing new holistic anatomy education.
  • 3 Modules:
    💫 The adaptable spine. Identify the differences and transitions throughout the spinal column. The importance of where lower and upper extremities continue with the spine.
    💫  Appreciating the weight bearing functions of lower extremity, transitioning from the pelvis to the bone integrity of the hip, the accommodating nature of the vulnerable knee and the adaptability of the ankle and foot to uneven surfaces of the earth.
    💫 The upper extremity, the shoulder girdle sacrifices stability for mobility, with the varying actions of the elbow enabling our dexterous hand to perform necessary survival functions.
  • Anatomy knowledge that will add your the next level!!!
  • And so much more!! including:
    🔥 Region structural & function
    🔥 Over 5 hours of Interactive embodiment classes for each region. Introducing you to new embodiment exercises & new cues.
    🔥 Enjoy visually stimulating photos & videos to help understand and remember.